Security of energy supply and electricity dependency

More than half of the European Union’s energy needs are met with imported electricity. The European Energy Union brings together climate policy, competitiveness policy and the security of energy supply.

Society is becoming increasingly dependent on electricity. At the same time, society’s tolerance for disruptions to the availability of electricity is weakening: serious disturbances in electricity supply are among society’s greatest safety threats. Electricity sector risks are being prepared for as part of the European Commission’s clean energy Winter Package. The aim is to improve the security of electricity supply at the EU level and reinforce regional co-operation. According to the Winter Package, measures related to crises must be compatible with the rules for the common electricity markets.

For Fingrid’s part, implementing our investment programme, promoting the markets and developing our grid operations improve the reliability of the electricity supply and our preparedness in the face of crisis situations. In risk and continuity management, we continuously prepare for serious disturbances to the power system in different threat scenarios.

We are actively involved in international co-operation to develop European rules, and we are preparing for power system disturbances in co-operation with the Baltic Sea region’s TSOs.