Globalisation and responsibility

Major climate and energy programmes offer international players business opportunities on the equipment and contracting markets. The mobility of the workforce is also making energy companies more international. The global financial market offers a well-managed company with a high credit rating a flexible and affordable way of procuring financing.

Responsibility is a key component of our corporate image. Regulations concerning corporate finance and social corporate responsibility are increasing on both a national and global scale. The importance of openness is growing. Concerns over the Earth reaching its limits highlight the importance of a circular economy and are reflected in the environmental obligations and expectations set for business.

For Fingrid, globalisation brings new opportunities, thanks to our expertise related to outsourcing services and international co-operation. We have also been successful for some time now in making use of the international financing markets. Going forward, too, we must be able to operate in international co-operation networks, where broad knowledge, networking and advocacy skills play a key role. International supply chains, however, can be long, reaching to developing countries, which highlights the importance of ensuring that our business and our procurement practices are responsible. Responsible procurement of goods and services can globally promote sustainable development and ethical practices.

Trust and openness are key words when assessing Fingrid’s operations as a responsible corporate citizen.