Personnel and remuneration systems

Fingrid employed 355 (334) persons, including temporary employees, at the end of the year. The number of permanent personnel was 308 (291).

Of the personnel employed by the company, 24 (25) per cent were women and 76 (75) per cent were men. The average age of the personnel was 44 (44).

During 2017, the personnel received a total of 11,408 (11,647) hours of training, with an average of 32 (36) hours per person. Employee absences due to illness accounted for 1 (1) per cent of the total working hours. In addition to a compensation system that is based on the requirements of each position, Fingrid applies incentive bonus schemes. 

For an expert organisation like Fingrid, employees are an important resource, which is taken good care of. The leadership and development of the work community aim at an open, social, innovative and goal-oriented corporate culture. 

At Fingrid, strategic human resource management means managing people’s capabilities and competencies, participation in decision-making, competitive remuneration systems and reinforcing collaboration and organisational openness. In addition, human resource management supports change leadership and strengthens personnel’s motivation and commitment to the company. 

Fingrid’s personnel strategy aims at responding to changes by offering its employees opportunities to develop and grow their competence. Viewing securing expertise as a strategic choice improves the quality of personnel planning and helps the company to better prepare for future needs. In addition to securing expertise, efforts are focused on the ability of the employees to lead themselves. 

Caring and well-being are the goals of the company’s personnel strategy. This can be seen in the form of solutions supporting the individual, such as flexible working hour arrangements, support for recreational activities and comprehensive well-being. In accordance with Fingrid’s personnel policy, employees are treated with respect and fairness, based on the company’s values and in compliance with the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination. At Fingrid, equal opportunity and non-discrimination are part of the corporate culture. Alongside responsibility, openness and efficiency, impartiality is one of the company’s values. 

The success of the strategy is measured annually in various ways. Corporate Spirit carried out a PeoplePower personnel survey at Fingrid during the year. The company also participated in the Great Place to Work survey, which measures employees’ trust in the company’s management, their pride in their work and the pleasure they take in working with their colleagues. Compared to other expert organisations, Fingrid’s results from the PeoplePower survey were excellent. The company received the highest rating, AAA, which is only achieved by around six per cent of all the surveyed organisations annually. The company has also fared very well in the Great Place to Work survey, according to which Fingrid is one of Finland’s best companies.