Legal proceedings and proceedings by authorities

A lawsuit was initiated against Fingrid in December 2016, demanding non-specified liquidated damages due to an alleged breach of contract. The legal proceedings ended with the district court issuing an interlocutory judgement in December 2017, according to which Fingrid had not been proven to have committed a contractual breach.

Fingrid has appealed to the Market Court against the decision issued by the Energy Authority on 2 January 2017 to the extent where the Energy Authority required Fingrid to submit the terms and conditions concerning the balancing power agreements and the grounds for the determination of fees for approval by the Energy Authority. According to Fingrid, under the legislation in force at the time the decision was issued, it was not required to submit the terms and conditions related to the procurement of balancing power beforehand to the authority for approval. The matter is still before the Market Court. The legal proceedings do not have a substantial impact on the company’s financial result or financial position.